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First 1-100 mAh Rechargeable Solid-State Lithium Microbattery

What Does Ensurge Do?

We unlock product innovation and performance with the first microbattery to meet the special needs of hearables, wearables and IoT connected devices.

Applications in Large and Growing IoT Markets

Hearables at Ensurge Inc


Hearables including Hearing Aids and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds.

Ensurge microbatteries enable more comfortable and feature-rich hearables that also reduce these products' environmental impact by enabling them to do more on one charge and charge faster while also providing with a longer battery lifetime.

Sports & Fitness Wearables at Ensurge Inc

Sports & Fitness Wearables

Everyone from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes needs wearables that can work as hard as they do. Ensurge's microbattery enables more comfortable and environmentally-friendly wearables with more monitoring capabilities, faster charging and better activity-tracking experiences.
Home & Industrial Connected Devices

Home & Industrial Connected Devices

Ensurge's rechargeable microbatteries help make energy harvesting IoT devices more efficient while eliminating the waste, climate concerns and other environmental impacts of primary batteries. They enable these sensors to operate, without intervention, for the life of the application.
Medical Wearable at Ensurge Inc

Medical Wearables

Ensurge will help accelerate innovation in applications from OTC hearing aids to patient-monitoring devices worn on and within the body. These products need small, safe, reliable and more sustainable solid-state microbatteries that enable more features, faster charging and better performance than Li-ion alternatives.
Why is li-ion falling short ensurge

Why is Li-ion Falling Short?

  • Limited Energy Density
    Li-ion batteries have a lower energy density and protective interior packaging that limits their capacity. In addition to VED limitations, Li-ion microbatteries also fall short in charge cycles and shelf life.
  • Form Factor Restrictions
    End-product form factors have been restricted to what is possible using the standard Li-ion battery sizes and cylindrical shapes.
  • Manual Assembly Requirements
    Li-ion batteries do not support standard automated PCB assembly processes and require a fixed-size coin cell socket.
  • Slow Charging Times
    Li-ion batteries have much slower charging times, which frustrates end-users who need their devices to be quickly re-charged for continued operation. Also, this limitation is exacerbated by the specific charging protocol Li-ion batteries must follow to be properly charged.
  • Low Current Pulse Discharge Capability
    To support new wireless protocols for wearable, hearable, fitness/sports and IoT devices, Li-ion batteries must be sized to handle the highest current pulse discharge. This results in a much larger battery than may be needed for the end-product, which also consumes valuable space.
  • Safety
    Li-ion batteries must sacrifice energy density and form-factor freedom for safety mechanisms to protect their vulnerable liquid electrolyte.

How Ensurge Microbattery Solves the Problem

  • Better Performance

    Better Performance

    2x Li-ion's energy density and charging speed, up to 3x the recharge cycles and 5x the charge retention when idle or in storage.
  • Form Factor Freedom

    Form Factor Freedom

    Customizable sizes and shapes unlock innovation for smaller and more comfortable wearable, hearable and IoT sensor designs.
  • Simplified End-Product Integration

    Simplified End-Product Integration

    Can be assembled into an end-product using the same automated SMT processes as other electronic components.
  • Superior Safety and Reliability

    Superior Safety and Reliability

    Hearables, wearables and IoT sensors can now be powered by a safer microbattery than Li-ion batteries, with a longer shelf life.
  • Innovation


    Enables OEMs to add features and functions to their products that were not possible with Li-ion batteries.
Ensurge Microbattery Fills a Gap

Ensurge Microbattery Fills a Gap

Ensurge's innovative solid-state lithium microbattery fills the industry gap for rechargeable 1 milliampere-hour (mAh) to 100 (mAh) products with the energy density, customizable form factors, charging speed and high-volume manufacturability to power a new generation of wearable and connected devices.
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Ensurge Solid-State Lithium Battery Technology

Ensurge Solid-State Lithium Battery Technology

Ensurge's anode-less rechargeable solid-state lithium battery technology breaks the Li-ion barrier that has limited product innovation. It enables safer, better-performing and more reliable microbatteries that are easier to assemble into ultra-small connected devices. And it removes Li-ion's size and shape constraints so the products they power can be smaller, thinner and more comfortable and effective.
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Learn how the Ensurge Microbattery can energize innovation in your most challenging designs