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Ensurge Delivers First Shipment of Solid-State Lithium Microbatteries to Leading Consumer Electronics Company

Oslo, April 22, 2023 -- Ensurge Micropower (OSE: ENSU, and OTCQB: ENMPY) ("Ensurge" or the "Company"), today announced it has completed its first shipment of the world's first fully functional multi-layer solid-state lithium microbatteries.   The batteries were delivered to one of our key customers and strategic technology partners in the consumer electronics industry. This is the first out of a series of shipments that will take place in the near future to Ensurge's initial group of key customers and technology partners.

The Ensurge 10-micron microbatteries have the energy density and performance to power space-constrained connected devices including wearables, hearables and IoT sensors.

"We look forward to the next phase of collaboration with key customers and technology partners," said Lars Eikeland, CEO at Ensurge. "Over the coming weeks and months, we expect that our collaborations with these partners will accelerate, and we will steadily increase shipments."

"We have great confidence in our unique positioning in these markets, as well as our packaging advantages that enable smaller and more compact, lower profile microbatteries with high volumetric energy density and a streamlined manufacturing process," Eikeland said.

Testing to date shows that Ensurge`s microbattery delivers faster charging, longer cycle life, and greater safety than other microbatteries, in addition to its extremely valuable benefits of customizable form factors and compatibility with widely adopted Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly processes.

About Ensurge Micropower

Ensurge is Energizing Innovation(TM) with the first ultrathin, flexible, reliable, and fundamentally safe solid-state lithium microbattery for the 1 to 100 milliampere-hour (mAh) class of wearable devices, connected sensors, and beyond. The innovative Ensurge Microbattery enables energy-dense rechargeable products that are ideal for form-factor-constrained applications including hearables (hearing aids and wireless headphones), digital and health wearables, sports and fitness devices, and IoT sensor solutions that use energy harvesting to power everyday things. The company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, combines patented process technology and materials innovation with the scale of roll-to-roll production methods to bring the advantages of Ensurge technology to established and expanding markets.


Ensurge Delivers First Shipment of Solid-State Lithium Microbatteries to Leading Consumer Electronics Company

22 Apr 2024