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Ensurge Micropower – Solid Progress Towards Delivering Customer Samples

Ensurge Micropower (OSE: ENSU, and OTCIQ: ENMPY), a leading provider of solid-state lithium microbatteries for a new generation of wearables, hearables and IoT devices, achieved significant breakthroughs during early 2022, and successfully addressed the few remaining issues towards delivering Ensurge microbattery customer samples. While competitive solid-state alternatives are limited to µAh capacities, limiting their addressable applications, Ensurge is aggressively moving forward with the world's first mAh solid-state lithium microbattery. We are implementing and validating the technology and operations breakthroughs we have achieved in the last three months and preparing to roll out our first customer samples delivery shortly.

There are three critical components to ship customer samples:

  • Produce unit cells that meet capacity and cycles targets

  • Validate packaging materials and ensure packaging provides hermetic sealing

  • Finalize packaged microbatteries that meet capacity and cycling targets for customer samples

Ensurge has achieved the first two and we are in the process of completing the third one. Specifically:

Ensurge successfully built unit cells that consistently achieved the required capacity and cycling metrics for customer samples. These unit cells also have demonstrated differentiated performance such as three times faster charging and 5C high-pulse discharge, both extremely important features for our customers' next-generation products in addition to our fundamental advantages of higher volumetric energy density and form factor flexibility.

With respect to packaging, Ensurge successfully validated the solution to potential ambient penetration into the battery degrading the lithium cycling performance. The Ensurge engineering team's approach was so innovative, that Ensurge is moving forward with filing multiple patents strengthening our intellectual property position. In addition, through extensive testing,the engineering team successfully validated our internal packaging materials to ensure that they remain neutral and do not interact during battery cycling.

Ensurge successfully integrated battery cell processing, stacked and packaged microbatteries, including the significant achievement of end-to-end handling of ultra-thin substrates. We have a remaining requirement to consistently meet the initial target cycling performance. We have identified a solution that is undergoing cycle-life testing. In order to deliver samples to customers once the solution is validated, we will need to produce sufficient quantities of packaged and cycle-tested microbatteries. We expect to provide Ensurge microbattery samples to customers shortly.

Our customers continue to validate our strategy and value propositions. Customers with existing agreements remain actively engaged with us as we support the process of integrating the Ensurge microbattery into their products and the transition into production later this year. New customers continue to approach Ensurge with strong interest because many of the products are impossible without the Ensurge microbattery.

"Two years back, Ensurge set out to develop and build a solid-state lithium microbattery with mAh (1-100 milli-Amp-Hour) capacity in our existing roll-to- roll factory. We pushed the envelope on the technology on multiple fronts, constantly innovating to solve critical problems," said Ensurge CEO Kevin Barber. "Existing customers have kept in step with us on our journey, while a steady stream of new customers have filled the pipeline. Market opportunity remains real and strong and Ensurge is poised to lead the microbattery market and build a substantial profitable business within the next several years."

Ensurge Micropower – Solid Progress Towards Delivering Customer Samples

6 May 2022