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Ensurge Shares Technical Data Establishing that Solid-State Lithium Microbattery Performance Will Eliminate Barriers to Wearable and Hearable Innovation

Ensurge's Executive Vice President Arvind Kamath joined other battery experts at TechBlick event to report on key milestones in rechargeable solid-state lithium microbattery technology development

Ensurge Micropower (OSE: ENSU, and OTCIQ: ENMPY), has published data showing that its solid-state lithium microbattery technology will exceed the performance of lithium-ion (Li-ion) alternatives in wearable and hearable products, with twice the energy density and three times the charging speed. Li-ion microbattery limitations have prevented product manufacturers from meeting growing market demand for new features and enhanced charging capabilities.

Ensurge provided TechBlick conference attendees with data it had gathered from tests of its microbattery's core cells. Ensurge provided similar core cells to manufacturers and prospective strategic partners in October. Ensurge's Vice President of Technology and Engineering, Arvind Kamath, was invited along with other leading manufacturers, research centers and market analysts to speak last month at the forum, which was focused on "Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-ups & Future Roadmap."

"Energy producing layers in the Ensurge microbattery are quite thin and the key to achieving high volumetric energy density (VED) is to minimize the space taken up by non-energy producing materials such as the substrates and packaging," Kamath said. "Our use of 10-micron stainless steel substrates and a proprietary process of stacking and packaging core cells allow us to achieve an unprecedented 700+ Watt-Hours per Liter (Wh/L) VED within our target 1-100 milliampere-hour capacities."

Kamath discussed Ensurge's choice of anode-less solid-state lithium chemistry and the use of its own roll-to-roll processing facility that allow Ensurge to scale production in a conventional manufacturing environment. He also shared charge, discharge, and Electromechanical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) results showing the fast-charging capability of the Ensurge microbattery, achieving 80 percent of capacity in less than 20 minutes. Kamath shared data that showed that the Ensurge microbattery core cells have achieved hundreds of cycles in the last few months.

"These performance milestones offer further validation that the Ensurge solid-state lithium microbattery is poised to replace Li-ion alternatives in wearables and hearables while giving these products transformative new features and capabilities," Kamath said. "Ensurge microbatteries in volume production this year will fill a very large market gap for small-sized ultra-thin batteries that are optimized for the special requirements of wearable and hearable applications."

Ensurge has developed a solid-state lithium microbattery that, for the first time, can be manufactured using a standard roll-to-roll manufacturing process rather than in a zero-humidity and argon (AR)-based production environment. This, combined with high-density cell-stacking and advanced packaging techniques, enables customizable microbattery form factors and more energy capacity than Li-ion in a smaller package with faster charging. The microbattery also provides both the power and capacity for longer spans of wireless connectivity and higher current pulses for wireless transmission. It can be assembled into wearable and hearable products using the same standard Surface Mount Technology (SMT) as other electronic components, unlike Li-ion batteries that require a coin cell socket to be manually assembled or soldered onto the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

About Ensurge Micropower

Ensurge is Energizing Innovation (TM) with the first ultrathin, flexible, reliable, and fundamentally safe solid-state lithium microbattery for the 1-100 milliampere-hour (mAh) class of wearable devices, connected sensors, and beyond. The innovative Ensurge Microbattery enables energy-dense rechargeable products that are ideal for form-factor-constrained applications including hearables (hearing aids and wireless headphones), digital and health wearables, sports and fitness devices, and IoT sensor solutions that use energy harvesting to power everyday things. The company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, combines patented process technology and materials innovation with the scale of roll-to-roll production methods to bring the advantages of Ensurge technology to established and expanding markets.

Ensurge Shares Technical Data Establishing that Solid-State Lithium Microbattery Performance Will Eliminate Barriers to Wearable and Hearable Innovation

6 Mar 2023