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Ensurge Ships Packaged Battery Samples to Hearables Market Leader

Ensurge Micropower (OSE: ENSU, and OTCIQ: ENMPY), today announced that it has solved key challenges related to manufacturing packaged rechargeable batteries using its solid-state lithium technology, and customer sampling has now begun. Ensurge shipped the first packaged battery samples today for delivery to a leading manufacturer in the hearables market ( hearables-market-leader/).

Ensurge's packaged microbattery samples enable prospective partners and customers to evaluate the principal elements of its innovative 1-100 milliampere-hour (mAh) solid-state lithium technology, including the performance of energy-producing cells and the ultra-compact stacking and packaging technology used to create production batteries. Samples in the first shipment phase are being offered to companies that have signed contracts with Ensurge and want the batteries for testing, evaluation and adoption. In a subsequent phase, the samples will be offered to more than a dozen customers that have shown strong interest in the Ensurge microbattery's performance but have not yet signed agreements.

"This significant achievement allows us to further increase our already active engagement with customers in our growing pipeline, in addition to expanding our engagements with strategic partners," said Kevin Barber, Ensurge Chief Executive Officer. "We have already demonstrated the unit-cell performance of our core battery with several strategic partners and are now taking the next step with samples of the world's first packaged solid-state lithium microbattery of its kind, based on these proven unit cells. The samples will enable our partners to evaluate not only our unit-cell performance but also our ground-breaking technology for stacking and packaging the cells into customizable batteries that are poised to redefine and reshape the estimated one billion wearables, hearables and connected sensors that ship each year."

Ensurge's packaged battery samples extend a series of major milestones the company has achieved as it moves the industry's first anode-less 1-100 mAh rechargeable solid-state lithium microbattery toward volume production. The samples add packaging layers and connectors to unit cells that the company successfully began sampling to strategic partners in the third quarter of 2022. Adding these layers and connectors enables the samples to be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) for testing and evaluation. Ensurge has built the packaged battery samples using an optimized process that maintains the same level of cycling performance and capacities as the company has already achieved and demonstrated with its low-impedance unit-cell samples.

About Ensurge Micropower

Ensurge is Energizing Innovation (TM) with the first ultrathin, flexible, reliable, and fundamentally safe solid-state lithium microbattery for the 1-100 milliampere-hour (mAh) class of wearable devices, connected sensors, and beyond. The innovative Ensurge Microbattery enables energy-dense rechargeable products that are ideal for form-factor-constrained applications including hearables (hearing aids and wireless headphones), digital and health wearables, sports and fitness devices, and IoT sensor solutions that use energy harvesting to power everyday things. The company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, combines patented process technology and materials innovation with the scale of roll-to-roll production methods to bring the advantages of Ensurge technology to established and expanding markets.

Ensurge Ships Packaged Battery Samples to Hearables Market Leader

27 Oct 2022